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Detailed Guide about Item Recovery.
[Image: header.png]

Hello Everyone,

As promised,more details and a guide on how you'll acquire your items back would come out in Sunday,18th of February
So here we are to give you every info you need.

  • Step Number 1: At Monday,19th of February, a restart will occur at the server, you'll need to remain patient, because right after that , you will all be able to have the items that you had before wipe back.(Please, do not flood the chat questioning when that restart will happen,cause we will announce it that day)
  • Step Number 2: After the restart has occured , you will be able to access the accounts you had before wipe,use any char you had and retrieve your items.To do so you will need to use the following credentials. Username: old_accountname Password: ******
    Example: Username: old_gmhot Password: *****

Additional info: Your old char names will be given the prefix old_NAME Example: old_=GM=Hot

Thank you for your time and best regards,
-The Administrator-

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