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Updates 9/3
Server updates as of 9th of March

  1. Archer's attack range increased by 100.
  2. Speed acquired when using Rabbit Spirit Totem of Grand Khavatari got increased.
  3. Skills:Trick and Switch got some minor issues fixed.
  4. Skills:Cancel and Return can now be casted within 30 seconds.The buff removal of the first one got increased.
  5. Added Dynasty Armor Sets
  6. Added New Farm Zone, in which you can farm Life-Stones,Blessed Enchant Scrolls,Materials required to refine your Dynasty and Books of Giants.Titan and Spoil classes are not permitted to enter that Area.
  7. Added a new Raidboss at the already mentioned New Farm Zone, which has 5% Chance of dropping one of our 2 Exclusive Circlets,Gold and Silver.
  8. Invertory Slots have been increased for every class.
Gold Circlet:gives you 7 speed and 5% Physical Defense
Silver Circlet:gives you 7 speed and 5% Magical Defense

Please!Do not forget that in order to experience all the updates mentioned above, you need to Full Check with the help of our Updater!

Best Regards,
-The Administrator-

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