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Shillient Saint treatment
Hi everyone!

I know probably no one will care about this, since the Shillient Saint is one of the most under-played classes, but I think some treatments (if possible) would make him/her a lot more interesting and competitive against POFers (and a decent solo char, if played well). My suggestions are the following:

  1. Add Return lvl. 2: just like the Prophet (reasonably self-explanatory)
  2. Add Might of Heaven: As it is, it's impossible to lvl. up on your own (i.e. killing undead mobs) beyond lvl. 40.
  3. Add more boosted self-buffs (preferably fighter-oriented): As far as I can see, at the moment the Shillient Elder only has Shield and Acumen boosted. Why not add a few more (e.g. focus, death whisper, wind walk, haste etc.)?
  4. Differentiate POWind against POF (if possible): As it is, POWind offers the exact same as POF, except for reduced P Atk. and slightly improved Evasion. This makes POWind uncompetitive. I don't know if you have ability to change a skill like that, but it would be nice to add a twist to POWind like increased movement speed or increased crt. rate etc.
  5. (Edit) Add GS/GM: just like the Prophet (reasonably self-explanatory)
Hopefully some of these suggestions will be taken under consideration.

Tbh i wouldn't apply These changes at all. And there is a simple Explanation for that:

NCSoft finally realized that there are underplayed classes in L2, so they invented the 4th classes (e.g. Tyrr, Iss, etc) and gave them mostly the same skills. With a couple of class specific ones. That means, they are the same but not completely the same since they have some class specific skills.

Now what I would do about that: 

Remove pof/pow/cov completely from the game. Add 1 Support buff to 2 supporters (pow, powind) for fighters and 1 supp buff (pof, cov) for mages. Add class specific skills to each of them so they are not the same -> Profit.

Best regards,
Fair points about the class-skill distinction, although the change you propose is a bit radical. My suggestions aimed simply at giving an opportunity to what is now a virtually useless class (i.e. the Shillien Elder), thus I don't think any of them are unreasonable (for instance, if I'm not terribly mistaken, back in the day on the original L2 Gold the Shillien Elder did have a larger number/variety of boosted self-buffs). In any case, I've always thought that POWind should be targeted more at rogue classes (with evasion and speed as its competitive advantages) and POF at warrior and knight classes, but maybe that's just me.

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