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From the clan DAOS side. (Suggestions)
First of all we'd like to send our regards.

So,after alot of thinking we agree to post some suggestions about the classes "balance".Remember,this is only our opinions and we don't demand anything.

-Bladedancer class : This one as we all remember was always strong in those type of servers.So our suggestions are,Boost some speed(not like 20 but more like 5-6) Bcs with cov or vop
bd is unable to catch anyone for arrest or to hit with bow.2nd suggestion for bd is to boost his damage with bow and increase his draining power with duals or dk.

Destroyer(Titan) class : This class has natural p.attack power as we all know.So our suggestions are,decrease titans p.attack (with sov+supps+zealot+frenzy+rage on) arround 12-15k
and remove this annoying attack limit of 3800 damage.You'll tell me now,If you do it so it will be completely useless for bosses.I've got you a solution on this too.Decrease bosses life or p.def.2nd and most important to us suggestion about this class is,Decrease destroyer's speed or reduce the Zealot's speed.3rd suggestion and last one for this class is that armor crush has to be nerfed(ALOT).

Heroic Weapons suggestion : All infinity weapons obtained by hero has a passive.So,Hero dagger needs boost on passive silence.Hero blade needs alot of boost in chance of getting the passive hex and this hex needs a bit boost.Infinity Rod from the other hand,has a bit boosted chance to get full heal.And i think it's possible to take full heal from Healing potions and Elixir of HP aswell,so take a look at those too pls.

P.S:Remember,this is always our opinion for everything.

Peace! Smile /discuss

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