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Updates 25/4
[Image: header.png]
Server updates as of 25th of April

  1. Active skills can no longer be used in Grand Olympiad.
  2. Main town moved from Aden Castle town to Giran Harbor.
  3. Some adjustments were done to skill Frenzy as now it doesn't have max damage but it depends on the gear a titan is using while in the meantime Ultimate Defense and Heroic Miracle work perfectly against it.
  4. Raidbosses now cannot be moved more within 3000 range from their retail spawn.
  5. Mage damage boosted in Dynasty Robe by 20% and in Appela Robe 100% by 10%.
  6. Wings of Destiny Circlet(Hero wings) now give 500 HP and 500 CP.
  7. Newly created chars will be spawned in Giran Harbor.
  8. Titan has nowhere the authority to use Frenzy inside Ice-Land.
  9. Trading zone moved from Aden to Giran Harbor.
  10. You can now find the High Rate Teleporter in the middle of Giran Harbor.
-The Administrator-

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