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Updates 4/5
[Image: header.png]
Server updates as of 5th of May

  1. Scrolls to the new Main Town Giran Harbor have been added to Harvana.
  2. Scrolls for supportive buffs have been added to Vote manager and can be acquired with Vote Coins.
  3. Siege Time moved from 20:00 GMT+2 to 21:00 GMT+2
  4. Giran Siege swapped its day with Aden Siege.As of now Giran Siege will be every Friday and Aden every Saturday.
  5. Resist Water,Fire,Wind now can be used during PvP to remove the effects of the Surrender of each Element.
  6. Protection against 3rd party programs enchanced even more.
  7. LifeStone and Book of Giants drop rate from IceLand got decreased.
  8. AIO now cannot heal the Players fighting outside of Giran Harbor.

Best Regards,
-The Administrator-

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