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Four Mages Event
[Image: header.png]

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening everyone!

We're here to announce that on 20th of May,23:30 GMT+2 a huge 1v1 PvP Event will be hosted from the GM team of, from which only 5 guys will come out as winners.

  • The competitor that will finish up in 1st place will receive a Lady's Fan +18
  • The runner up in 2nd place will receive a Lady's Fan +17
  • The one that claims the 3rd place will receive a Lady's Fan +16
  • The fourth will receive the same reward as all the above but at the enchant level of 14
  • The last winner will get hold of one Lady's Fan +12

  1. At this particular Event we have decided not to imply a Minimum Participation Limit,but in case the participants exceed the amount of 40, the rewards will change will change and the First Winner will receive a Lady's Fan +19, the second one a Lady's Fan +18 and so on.In addition,on the event of seeing that the participation is lower than 20 people,the rewards will change and the First Winner will receive a Lady's Fan +17,the second one +16 and so on.
  2. Only Third Class Professioned  Storm Screamers, Soultakers, Archmages, Mystic Muses are allowed to participate.
  3. Any S-Grade Gear no matter the enchant level is allowed(L2Gold Weapons,Epic or L2Gold Jewelery,Dynasty and Appela Armor Sets) except hero weapons/circlets,Castle Lord Crowns and Castle Circlets.
  4. Using any Potion or Elixir is allowed.
  5. Hero Skills will not be allowed and in case anyone is caught using them will be instantly DISQUALIFIED.
  6. Full Supportive buffs will be given by the Event Hosting Team.
  7. The event starting time is strictly 23:30, right after the ending of Aden Siege at 23:00 every player that wants to be part of the event shall have his mage character prepared and teleport to Coliseum by 23:30, the occasion of  someone porting to coliseum even 1 minute later will lead to the loss of his chance to participate.
  8. Passive and Active Skills acquired from augmentation are not allowed.
  9. Rules may be imposed by the event hosting team on the event of seeing something inappropriate.
After our first Big Event , the good comments and the applause of players brought to us a big lust to host Events like that more often.We hope we witness even bigger participation and you having even more fun than the last time!See you at Coliseum at Sunday,20th of May,23:30 GMT+2  Big Grin

Kindest Regards,
-The Administrator-

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