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Updates 18/5
[Image: header.png]

Server updates as of 18th of May

  1. Eva's Saint has been granted the skill Party Recall for Rune Siege and Giran Harbor.
  2. Salvation has been removed from AIO.
  3. Valakas , Antharas , Baium have now 50% chance to drop Silver/Gold Circlet.
  4. Hero skills are not usable in PvP Zone anymore.
  5. During Sieges , Attackers can resurrect themselves even if they don't have their flag spawned/alive , in the meantime Defenders have also the privilege to resurrect themselves even if Life Control Crystals have been destroyed.
  6. PvP Zone has been moved to Beast Farm.
  7. Newbie Zone has been moved to Wall of Argos.
  8. Hero skills now override each other.
  9. Hero skills reuse time has been increased.
  10. Quantity of Silver Nuggets needed to refine Apella Set from 95% to 100% has been reduced.
  11. Gold bars have been removed from server's economy until further notice.
  12. Aden/Rune/Giran Castle Circlet bonus HP and CP has been reduced from 1000 to 500 and bonus Speed from 10 to 7.
  13. Castle Lord's Crown bonus HP and CP has been reduced from 1500 to 1000 and bonus Speed from 10 to 7, while the bonus P.Def/M.Def has been removed.
  14. Gold and Silver Circlet bonus Speed has been boosted to 10
  15. Both Enchant rates(using Blessed Scrolls) from 16->17 and from 17->18 have been boosted by 5%
In order to get hold of every update and avoid having critical errors and disconnects,make sure you Full Check before logging into the game.

Here to serve,
-The Administrator-

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