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Updates 28/5
[Image: header.png]

Server Updates as of 28th of May

  1. A completely new Giran Harbor has made its presence,now containing special Clan Halls , Fountains and other aesthetic changes.
  2. Enchant Rate from +16 to +21 is now 20% for each Enchant level.
  3. New Interface has been implemented.In order to play you will need to full check and in case you do not, you will get an error due to corrupt interface file.
  4. Kernon, Death Lord Hallate , Longhorn Golkonda and Shilen's Messenger Cabrio can now be found not only at Giants Cave, but also at their retail spawns at Tower Of Insolence 8,3,11 and Cemetary accordingly.
  5. Antharas Priest Cloe has now been moved  to its retail spawn to Antharas Lair 2.
  6. In order to create Command Channel the item "Strategy Guide" is not required anymore.
  7. Fixed Dominator's debuffs at Mass PvP Zones.
  8. Dance of Light duration has been increased to 20 minutes.
  9. Skill's Zealot Critical Attack Power on Fists has been reduced by 50%
To avoid having errors and disconnects , do not forget to Full Check before logging into the server.

Kindest Regards,
-The Administrator-

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