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Updates 4/6
[Image: header.png]

Server Updates as of 4th of June

  1. All classes got their PvP Damage Reduced.This change aims to a more balanced and long-lasting mass and solo PvP. This update is pretty big but cannot be fully analysed cause it will take days to read all the changes that got done.
  2. Moolnight Sentinel's Range when he's used the skill Rapid Fire got boosted by 150.
  3. Eva's Saint skill Shield lvl 4 has been removed.
  4. Gold/Silver Circlet and Blessed Scrolls can now be acquired with Pvp Awards.New Unique Accessories will be implemented soon at PvP Shop.
  5. New interface file is now available for the players that want to use F1,F2,F3,F4 but at the same time Q,W,E,R or 1,2,3,4 to use their shortcut bars. Link:!9PAxQTJC!JXrAr-dNwnblHxBwDYf7SKxtNExROF8460Q5Ln3rZ6I

To avoid having errors and disconnects , do not forget to Full Check before logging into the server.

Here to serve,
-The Administrator-

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