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Updates 13/6
[Image: header.png]

Server Updates as of 13th of June

  1. Two New Unique Custom Earrings are making their entrance. Earring of Kashu (+10% Resist to Fist) and Earring of Barion(+10% Resist to Two-Handed Sword) have been implemented into our Economy and they can be acquired from the Raid-Bosses Kashu and Barion accordingly.
  2. Only one slot for Surrender to any Element can be used now.In few words Surrenders do not stack.
  3. Daily Lord PvP System has been implemented. Unique Rewards will be provided to our Daily Lord automatically at the end of each day and will last for 24 Hours , in the meantime the Daily Lord can use the symbol ~ and the text that he wants to say to speak in Daily Lord's Chat, which is like Hero-Voice.
  4. New interface file is now available for the players that want to use F1,F2,F3,F4 but at the same time Q,W,E,R or 1,2,3,4 to use their shortcut bars. Link:!9PAxQTJC!JXrAr-dNwnblHxBwDYf7SKxtNExROF8460Q5Ln3rZ6I
  5. New commands have been implemented: .exit : get out from the PvP Zone without having to go to gatekeeper and .enchant: Chance percentage(%) to make it to the next enchant Level
To avoid having errors and disconnects , do not forget to Full Check before logging into the server.

Location of our Unique Raidboss Barion:
[Image: barion.png]
Location of our Unique Raidboss Kashu:
[Image: kashu.png]
Kindest Regards,
-The Administrator-

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