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Kashu and Barion 2v2 Event
[Image: header.png]
Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening everyone!

We're here to announce that on 16th of June,23:30 GMT+2 a 2v2 PvP Event will be hosted from the GM team of, from which only the participants that belong to the winning duo will come out as winners.

  • Each participant that is part of the winning duo will have to choose between our 2 New Unique Earrings: Earring of Kashu(Resist to Fist) and Earring of Barion(Resist to Two-Handed Sword)
  1. Classes of Cardinal, Hierophant , Shillien Saint, Eva's Saint ARE NOT ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE.
  2. Participants shall wear B-Grade Armor,Weapon and Jewelery with Max Enchant Level : +3
  3. Pre-Low in order to use skills Frenzy,Zealot,Angelic Icon etc IS NOT ALLOWED.
  4. Use of any Potion or Elixir is allowed.
  5. Use of any accessory is NOT ALLOWED. Castle or non-castle Circlets,Castle Lord's Crown,Wings are NOT ALLOWED.
  6. Use of Hero Skills is not allowed and in case someone gets caught using Hero Skills will be instantly DISQUALIFIED.
  7. Full Supportive Buffs will be provided by the Event Hosting Team,there is no need to pre-buff your self up or teleport Buffer Bots.
  8. The event starting time is strictly 23:30, right after the ending of Aden Siege at 23:00 every duo that wants to be part of the event shall have their characters prepared and teleport to Coliseum by 23:30, the occasion of  someone porting to coliseum even 1 minute later will lead to the loss of his chance to participate.
  9. Passive and Active Skills acquired from augmentation are not allowed.
  10. Rules may be imposed by the event hosting team on the event of seeing something inappropriate.

-The Administrator-

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