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[Error]: IMBALANCE - Class.
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since they modified the classes, many people left. ! 

Tell me, since when are the characters so bad? everyone complains and they all saw the same problem.
I'm here to help, but it has made arrangements that I think are worse

"SPS" 3K hit! WTF? 
"Necro" almost 3k and you were almost all desbuff... WTF! anchor 15s? OMG...
"Duelist" 3k100 in dk O.o OMG! good 1500 or 1700... 3K100 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"GK" you fixed the.... dmg in fist + 16 "90"  in skills 200... 1k or 900... HP 17k O.o atk. speed 1300? OMG It does not even help to farm that shit now..
"Dancer" hit 3k -.- 
Archer good. 
Spoil haha 
"TITAN" IN PVP IS 1 SHIT! it does not work with frenzy... HAHA
arrange classes a little better and you'll see how people come back..
you fixed the titan and gk to ruin them more...
Titan no good in pvp, gk no good in pvp.... vs 1 mage not chance or duelist or Dancer...
DUELIST 3K HIT! omg good problem in sv check.

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